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South Florida Outdoor Kitchen Design and Construction

Homeowners who like to entertain guests sometimes discover the house they originally chose needs some improvements. For example, maybe the living room is too small, or the kitchen is ill-suited to preparing meals for a large number of guests. Most often, the problem lies outside, in the backyard. Most suburban homes are too small or too cramped to effectively entertain guests. Even homes with larger yards are often ill-equipped to accomplish the purpose.

There are many ways to improve outdoor entertainment spaces, but one of the most effective is to install a high-quality outdoor kitchen. Fortunately, our company has a long history of experience in designing and constructing outdoor kitchens for our clients. Since one of the most popular outdoor entertainment events is to host a barbecue, just about all of our outdoor kitchen designs focus on centering the kitchen around outdoor barbecue grills.

The kitchen can be customized to any specifications you may desire. In terms of pure design layout, we offer the expertise to accommodate a wide range of styles. For example, our kitchen designs span all shapes and sizes, from simple straight lines to L-shaped bends. We can even design a curved outdoor kitchen counter, although this must be built along with a straight counter in order to house the grill, refrigerator, etc.

We can design outdoor kitchens in any style or theme. For instance, we can create an outdoor kitchen in the shape of a tiki hut or other cultural locale. Depending on your preference as the customer, we can create outdoor kitchens that remind guest and host alike of any region of the world.

Straight lines and L-bends are not the only designs we boast, of course. Custom outdoor kitchens are our specialty. Any number of appliances can be installed within the basic design of the kitchen, although that number will be limited to the size of the kitchen. Common outdoor appliances are barbecue grills, miniature refrigerators, beverage centers, sinks, and more. All of these can be worked into the basic design of your new outdoor kitchen.

Our outdoor kitchen plans allow you to have the kitchen designed any way you’d like, in any fashion. You will have the ability to choose and discard different options completely at your leisure within the limits of your budget. Some design schemes place an island in the center for actually preparing the food, with chairs or tables arranged around the island, creating a cafe like effect.

Other schemes have tables and chairs underneath overhangs, in which case lighting may be used in order to provide the ambiance and mood. Outdoor kitchen design is simple when broken down properly, and it becomes possible to use simple principles to create complex effects. As you can see from our outdoor kitchen pictures, our finished designs are always built to perfection.

Questions of how to build an outdoor kitchen are easily answered with us. You will find that we offer superior experience and knowledge when designing and constructing your new outdoor kitchen. Once we finish our assignment, your will suddenly find that entertaining guests has become much easier thanks to our well planned outdoor kitchen designs. We specialize in creating custom designs, so give us a call – you will be very pleased with our knowledge and results.