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South Florida Landscape Designers

Anyone in the South Florida area who has a desire to achieve a more superior landscaping look for their existing or new property should come see to us at Landscape Art. Maybe you have always wanted to create something truly inspiring around your pool, or to turn your front yard landscaping into the wonder of the development, or even to create an appealing and professionally designed rock garden, pond, or waterfall. Whatever the wildest fancies your imagination can come up with, we can pretty much accomplish on your property.

Based in Coral Springs, Landscape Art services the Coral Springs, Lighthouse Point, Parkland, Weston, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and the rest of South Florida locales. We are proud of being the industry leading, full service landscaping company of South Florida. For in excess of eight years, we have been passionate about offering professional, high quality landscaping services to the area. We are fully insured, fully licensed, and we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Being the very best landscape design company in all of beautiful South Florida means that we constantly demonstrate desire, great skill, and sincere understanding of the landscaping trade. As a part of this, we only employ and teach the very best landscape artists who take great pleasure and pride in their work. Designing fantastic landscaping scenes and lighting which will awe your neighbors is what we specialize in. Turning your greatest landscaping dreams into reality is what we do.

We at landscape art are pleased to assist you with any type of landscape need and design. This ranges from simple lawn care to designing a beautiful and vibrant colored flowerbed. Regardless of how small or large your own landscape concepts prove to be, we are ready and able to aid you in affecting practically limitless possibilities.

This art form starts with front and back yard landscaping. We can do anything that you can imagine. Beautifully landscaped flower beds, specially shaped bushes and plants, and immaculately laid out and manicured trees are all important elements to achieving such a stunning look. Colors and styles can be effectively combined with flowers and shrubs to accent the lawn, or rock gardens can be created to present that clean and stoic look. The possibilities are literally endless.

Landscaping around pools offers huge opportunities for expressing your true personality. Waterfalls which run into the pool from a nearby artificial pond or stream can be developed. Greek or Roman columns can be erected. Bushes can be specially sculpted. Tropical flowers can be put in. Why should your pool be as ordinary as the one next door?

Landscaping lighting is another area in which we specialize at Landscape Art. Beautiful colored lighting can be projected onto certain landscaping pieces or flower beds. The house itself can be illuminated as if by magic from concealed flood lamps. There is almost no limit to what we can do together.

Feel free to browse around our website, or to call us, if you wish to start looking at pictures and concepts for wonderful creative landscaping ideas. We are always available to help with and consult with you on any conceptual possibilities. There is no good reason to wait any longer to transform your rather ordinary looking lawn or pool side into a magical tropical paradise. After all, isn’t that why you live in South Florida in the first place?